1. All pets must have an annual exam to receive any prescription medications.
  2. Dogs not on Interceptor for 5 months or greater must have a Heartworm,Lyme,Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma 4DX test, it must be negative for heartworms prior to refilling Interceptor.
  3. Prescription Parasite Preventatives. Patients that were last examined prior to 6 months of age and have grown will have to be re-weighed prior to dispensing any preventatives.
  4. Written Scripts should be picked up at time of your pet’s appointment; we do not mail, fax or call in scripts for online pharmacies for preventatives. Scripts for a chronic medical conditions can be called into local pharmacies if you are not getting them here at hospital.
  5. Due to overwhelming requests for prescriptions, our pharmacy is unable to refill prescriptions on a walk-in basis. Prescriptions must be filled at the time of your office visit with the doctor.
  6. Refill requests at other times may take up to 48 hours. If you have an urgent refill request that must be refilled in less than 48 hours, please make it known to our customer service representative. There is a $35.00 fee for urgent prescription requests.
  7. CVMC does not see walk in appointments. Clients must call ahead to see if there is a doctor available to see the patient. Emergencies frequently must go straight to the local veterinary emergency hospital. Clients with an emergency after hours or on holidays may call Valley Veterinary Emergency and Referral at 1-540-662-7811.
  8. Clients that arrive more than 15 minutes late for their appointment may be required to reschedule their appointment. Clients are advised to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time.
  9. We are a one doctor practice and we are scheduling out at least 4 weeks for appointments and longer for surgeries. Due to the overwhelming amount of no shows and last minute cancellations, we are requiring a reservation fee of $58 per pet to book an appointment or surgery. This fee will go towards the pets’ invoice at the time of the scheduled appointment. If the appointment is missed or canceled with less than 24 hours in advance, the fee will be forfeited. We would like to be able to see all the pets that need to be seen but unfortunately we have to refer some to other hospitals or to Valley Veterinary Emergency and Referral Clinic, we are hoping that this will allow us to get those appointments seen.
  10. New patient records from another veterinary hospital must be received at Cacapon Veterinary Medical Center 72 hours prior to scheduling an appointment. Our facility is unable to schedule an appointment without having the patient’s complete medical records. If multiple attempts by a client to make records available have failed, we will still see the patient. In this case records will be evaluated another day and not during the appointment. Without records, routine care will be recommended as if the patient was not current.
  11. All pets must have an exam within 30 days of any surgical procedure.
  12. All dogs must be current with DHPP, Lepto and Rabies and cats must have from a veterinary hospital for elective surgeries and hospitalizations. Home vaccinations are not an accepted means of protection for a pet to be hospitalized here. We do not know the efficacy of over the counter vaccines, vaccines need to be shipped and stored at specific temperatures, we have no way of knowing if they were handled and stored properly. We also have no way to prove that a specific pet got a specific vaccine or if it was given at the correct intervals. This policy helps us keep your pets safe while they are hospitalized here.
  13. Pets have to be established with us and up to date on Rabies vaccine to be scheduled for technician appointments such as nail trims, anal gland expression, ear clean, etc.
  14. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit/debit cards. All credit and debit cards will incur a service fee of 3.75% of the total bill. You may avoid this fee by paying with cash or check. Full payment is required at time of services.