In House Laboratory

We have a wonderful in house laboratory that allows us to get results quickly so that we can begin treatments on your pet right away.

Blood analyzers these state of the art machines allow us to check your pets organ function. This equipment allows us to check for signs of infection, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and thyroid disease to name a few.

Snap Tests allow us to test your pet for lyme disease, erhlichosis, anaplasmosis, heartworms, feline leukemia, and feline immunodeficiency viruses. With all of these tests we can have results while you wait.

We also perform other in house tests such as: fecal analysis, urinalysis, ear and skin cytology, and skin scrapes for mites among others.

Additionally, we have access to an outside reference laboratory for any specialized testing.

Diagnostic Imaging

Electrocardiography is a non-invasive test that allows us to monitor the electrical impulses of a pet’s heart. This allows us to diagnose conditions of the heart. We also use this monitoring equipment on all surgical patients.

We can also send these results for a consultation with a cardiology specialist.

Xrays of your pet allow us to diagnose fractured bones, intestinal foreign bodies, bladder stones, or tumors. We can use this technology to check for pregnancy as well. It is also a powerful tool in checking the health of your pets heart.

Ultrasound also offers us the ability to get more detail of abdominal organs to check for tumors or other abnormalities.

Firefly Digital Otoscope allows our clients to see what we see in the ear. This is a valuable tool to help owners see what an infection looks like down in their pets ears.